IRS Loses Case . . .

a loss so devastating, that a Federal Judge
said: “If everyone did what this person did,
it would be the end of this government.”

And he didn’t even use a lawyer.

• See how this person proved that he was not a “taxpayer”  as
define by the IRS Code.
• Find out how you can do the same.
• We provide all the evidence necessary.
• Remember, if you are not a “taxpayer,”  as defined by the
code, nothing in the IRS Code applies to you.
• No muss, no fuss.
• One call does it all.

A New and Unique Program
to Deal with IRS Problems!

Know How to Avoid Income Taxes Lawfully!
Get out of the Tax Code


• Liens, Levies, Seizures & Attachments.
• Employers from Being
Unlawful Withholding Agents.

One Call Does it All!

This package is not only for those presently involved in a tax situation with the IRS,
 but also for those who simply do not wish to continue as “TAXPAYERS” when they are not lawfully required.

Little known “HIDDEN” information has recently been made available and you may want to know this
 information before you file your next return #1010.

NOTICE: Our intent is not to interfere or obstruct the “IRS” in their collection authority of “LEGAL”  taxes.
 Our mission is to deal with special tax situations of non-taxable income that is presently being taxed due to the status of the “TAXPAYER.”
 We further state that most of our information is gathered from sources of the Internal Revenue Service.

“Avoidance of Taxes Is NOT
a Criminal Offense.” HBSA #412

“Avoidance distinguished from Evasion.”
The statement contained in this Section alone will bring you relief knowing that you cannot go to jail.
 Avoidance of taxes is not a criminal offense.

“Avoidance of taxes for legitimate means is permissible.”
In other words, if it is your good faith belief that you are not a “taxpayer” as defined in Section 7701(a)(14) of the IRS Code, there is no need for alarm.
 All you have to do is show good cause, through legitimate means, that you are not such a “person” as described in that section.

Let’s simply start by saying the educational information package that is being provided is designed to lawfully assist you with knowledge and material that will accomplish
 your goal of changing your status from that of a “taxpayer” to that of a “non-taxpayer” or a “natural person”—which is the status that the government acknowledges
 to those who are not considered “taxpayers” as defined in the IRS Code 7701 (a)(14).

Contained in your package is the actual Federal Court case with irrefutable evidence that you also have a “natural person” status.


Our package and the other services we offer are not just another letter-writing service that will fall on deaf ears.
 We have developed a system of letters and other documents that will relive you from the role of taxpayer to non-taxpayer.
 To date we have been completely successful with our program, without any challenge from the Internal Revenue Service.

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